Hair Care Tips

-Scratching your lace accelerates the shedding process and will lead to your lace getting a bald spot.

-Sometimes, it’s not bad hair, you’re just not looking after it well.

-Always brush your wig before putting it away after wearing it. This will help the wig not to tangle.

-If you wear your wig the whole week, after 7 days, please wash it

-Wigs smell because of the friction between the unit and your hair. And the product build up contributes to this.

-Ladies, there is no need to apply serum etc. to your hair daily. It makes the hair look greasy and weighs down the hair.

-Serum (1/2 pumps ONLY) applied once after every wash is enough, I swear. Considering you should be washing your hair every week.

The product on your natural hair, also goes onto your wig so if you regularly based your scalp when wearing wig cornrows, make sure to do it at night when you are not wearing your wig. 

-Try wear a head wrapper so the product soaks into your hair and doesn’t sit on top, making it exposed to your wig the next day.

– Always soak your wig in conditioner and hot water after washing it with shampoo. So the hair can be soft from soaking in the conditioner. Shampoo dries out the hair because it’s made to remove all products and dirt. So applying conditioner restores moisture to the hair.